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The 'home' context

Use: {{#is "home"}}{{/is}} to detect this context.

Body Classes

index, home


home.hbs, index.hbs

[{post}], {pagination}



home is a special context which is only set on the home page. If home is set, index is always set as well. home can be used to detect that this is specifically the first page of the blog and not one of the subsequent pages.


The route for the home page is always /.


The default template for the home page is index.hbs. You can optionally add a home.hbs template to your theme which will be used instead.


The data available on the home page is exactly the same as described in the index context. The home page's posts will always be the first X posts ordered by published date with the newest first, where X is defined by the post per page setting in the Ghost admin.

See the index context for more details.


The 'home' context